About Vera Novak



Have you tried everything and you are still not getting desired result in your health, your work, your relationships or your wellness and abundance?

I hear you, I feel your frustration and I understand how confusing it may be. I have been there. It isn’t your fault!

You might have been like me looking for answers to my health challenges. More medical intervention I received, the worse things got. I am not talking about a broken leg. Those are best to leave to the experts to set them properly. I have met a man who healed his broken back on his own. So I know that there are people who have activated their own healing powers at a very high level. Are you interested to be one of those people?

I was. Once I understood that healing abilities are given to all of us, but some of us have not activated them fully, I fully embraced the journey towards healing.

Messages from the body via symptoms have been decoded. That is a good news. What has not been quite understood is that each one of us have a different story.

I assist individuals with transformation from STRESSED to BLESSED by retrieving from the body information that is imprinted in their energy systems and information fields.

I use a fusion of modalities to allow Transformation to Wellness, bringing light, energy and information so the body can heal itself. Clients have found my services to be beneficial for pain management, stress relief, and general improvement of mental and physical wellness.

I used all the below listed modalities to help my own healing. I looked for the core causes of why my body wasn’t in homoeostasis and I discovered meaning of my illness. I can assist you on your journey to your own wellness.

Personal Transformation with light, energy and information to wellness  

My focus is to help you find the non-truths within your body and field – dissolving them – so the shift in perception can occur which will shift your body into the state of wellbeing.

Disharmony on any level, be it Mental, Emotional, Physical, or Spiritual can only occur as a result of believing in, and making real the un-real.

I am available for a surrogate or a distant healing.

Many of the modalities can be used over the phone or SKYPE.

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I utilize and practice these modalities:

  • META-Health Coach (META-Health Master Practitioner)
  • META-Kinetics Master Practitioner
  • Advanced Clearing Energetics- ACE
  • Human Design and Healing by Human Design
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner
  • Matrix (+ Birth) Reimprinting Using EFT Practitioner
  • Heart Resonance Advanced Practitioner among many other energy and energy psychology tools and techniques.