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Would you like to work with me to create your breakthroughs?

I have made a difference in my clients’ lives and I would like to do the same for you.

The truth is that in 1 to 3 sessions I can help you to take the edge off and you will see an improvement. In 6 months of coaching I can do so much more with your help.

I can also provide you an ongoing support during this time. WHY? do you need that?

 Because life happens!

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Take Gabi for example. She had a nasty fall on slippery stairs and she badly broke her ankle. She got hold of me on this past Boxing Day.

I was pleased that she thought of me. Although we live very far apart we have been friends for over 40 years. I suspected that there was more to the story than just washed stairs. She didn’t see it first. I worked on her energetically immediately. Imbalance in her personal life and time to heal her inner child came up. I encountered a strong resistance at one point and I invited the appropriate beings that could help me with that, then we had an energetic breakthrough. The next day she came back to tell me about all the stress at work and her sister being fired from her job before Christmas. I understood why her parents who both passed on also came to help me. She started to see the connections. It was time to reflect. “All I wanted was to get some time to my self so I could read a few books!” she wrote. “I thought somewhere on the beach not like this.” I see, you have to be a bit more exact when you are sending your wishes out Gabi. We had a good laugh about it. I gave her tips on managing her pain that she reported have helped.

Then I inquired what it was all about. META-Kinetics chose Core Belief Inquiry. META-Kinetics protocols have three major steps. We Test, then we Load the stress and we Correct.

Step 1: TEST

All the pieces, including organs, impacted by a certain behaviour were flashed out. Everything connects to everything so any number of areas could come up including chakras, meridians, meta programs, behaviours, memories etc.

The core belief appeared:

I know the world is meaningless and I am taking it personally.

Step 2: LOAD

I was able to load stress for her using a surrogate.


The last step was to correct the issue that was holding energy in the body. Heart meditation came up. I instructed her how to do that. 9 keys of Healing using Human Design came up for her as well. I looked over her Human Design chart and helped her to start using her strategy and understand her strategy.

The important lesson Gabi has learned was how she creates her own life. Now she feels less scared of what the future will bring regarding her broken ankle. She feels empowered in her healing journey. I kept abreast of her progress. Her cast came off on January 20th. A good two weeks before it was to come off. The surgeon told her that it healed beautifully.

Would you like me to be on your speed dial?

Here is your opportunity

3 or 6 Month Program

• Minimum of 4 to 6 hours a month of one on one work

• Weekly email support

• Emergency sessions when something comes up.

• Using all the tools for healing and coaching I know

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I am looking forward helping you on your journey to health, abundance and life without limitations!