“I listened to your reading on the Human Design and it was really spot on. You did a great job.”– P.W., British Columbia

“Vera that was pretty impressive work using your tools like META-Kinetics, Advanced Clearing Energetics and others that you used for my two sessions. I am really blown away here. What was done to me is nothing short of miraculous. I feel pretty darn perky since the healing that you did and I just don’t seem to need sleep right now. I was also quite surprised at the extent of the healing that you do. I can’t thank you enough. I can literally feel the new person in me. I feel confident and strong. I felt like I could finally breathe properly. I have had several healing before but this one was the most powerful so far.” – P.W., British Columbia

“I recently had a distance session in Meta-Kinetics with Vera. Along with the follow up session to discuss the findings, I have made a big paradigm shift around a major issue I have had for most of my adult life. I totally trust Vera’s insight, professionalism, and ability to dip into her toolbox when working with me. And to top it all off, we did this over SKYPE.
– Kate Strong,Churchill, NZ

“Thank you so much Vera I had a pretty nice shift during our third session. At first I noticed how relaxed I was right away, and it continued all evening. Then when I was with people I noticed that I wasn’t so self-conscious and anxious and didn’t keep thinking in the background about what to say, should I say it, are they going to be okay with what I say etc…..that was gone. I could relax and more or less and be myself much better than I had for many years. I’ve always been afraid to go where I did with you. I think I was afraid of the intense feelings and wondered how I would get through them when I hit them. Now I know. With the right guidance and trust it can be done, and I thank you for your courage to go there with me.”
– D.K., North Vancouver, BC, Canada

 “Vera, thank you so much for the session. I have this felt sense that I can cope with my stuff because I understand it now. Thank you for taking me to that space. I will tell you more as I keep processing, right now you and your work has been a catalyst for the shift. Much Love and Gratitude.”
– Pushpa, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for my session with Meta Kinetics. I see that you have a wonderful set of tools to use on the emotional and mental bodies where our physical problems most often originate. Your techniques are powerful and clear. With them you are able to zero in on the point where attention is needed most for each individual and the techniques you use are unconventional but easy to undertake. They bypass the mind and its expectations. This Meta Kinetics has amazing potential. Thank you for introducing me to it!
– Eva S.

Thank you so much for taking the time to work on me today. I am astonished by what META-Kinetics can offer and do. You have definitely picked a winner! What a bright future you have.
– Adriane D.

What a great session… thank you very much. -Karen N.

I had a session with Vera. I am still buzzing from it all. I have to tell you Vera, my right ankle is feeling so much better. WOW having the acutonics vibrate through my body, the vibration up my leg , body and face how penetrating sound it is!!!
Myrna E.

I had both Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection. The process is very pleasant. I still cannot believe the power of this energy healing. I had a wonderful sleep after my sessions. After my second session I woke up the following day and for the first time in many years found I was able to take an extremely deep breath of fresh air, painlessly. Since then many other things have shifted for me on a very deep level. Thank you Vera!
– Coreen D’Z

I have been working on my own energy healing skills for over 15 years. What I experienced due to the Reconnective Healing I have a very hard time to put into words, but it was profound. The Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection brings the energy work to another level.
-Hussain F.