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Safe Harbour in the Eye of the Storm


Have you ever felt like there is no place to go to feel safe? To remain calm, centered and aligned when life brings you challenges? This can be hard at the beginning. With time you can reach harmony within you and be less reactive to the environment outside of you. Although what is projected outside of you feels separate from you, it really isn’t.

It all starts with YOU and NOW.



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  • Releasing – New Start
  • Energetic Blueprint for the future
  • Clearings
  • Spiritual Hygiene
  • 9 Keys process


Discover your body intelligence!

How is what you do different?

I invite you to look around the site for more information about the tools I use. Sometimes clients find me because of a particular tool I use and they want to try it out. That is perfectly fine. Usually the client tells me what they would like to work on. The body through muscle testing selects the tool and the way to approach the issue.

Above all I love solving puzzles.

I can help you to collect clues on your journey finding your own KEYS.

Manifest health and joy you deserve!

My specialty is Mind, Body and Soul Communication from the body and integration of the information received.

The body never lies – in the world that bombards us with all sorts of information.

Being able to trust your own body is life changing

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  • Healing Abundance Flow
  • Human Design Energy Alignment
  • META-Health
  • META-Kinetics
  • Whole Body Communication



Energy Alignment Master Class or Human Design Energy Alignment is a 9-session program. Now called Quantum Alignment. This is recommended at FIRST STEP in harmonizing your energy centers. For group program subscribe to the list and receive notifications of the next program start.


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You can also take this class one on one with me. Contact me for availability and couching packages.

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